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What we Do..

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It starts with getting to know you, your product, and your company needs first.

“We need to listen to others carefully and not just think about our response. Communicating well is important for a successful partnership. To do this, we need to know your company well, including your goals, opinions, and values, so we can understand what your product needs.”


Using the highest quality ingredients that are sourced from the best resources.


Creating products with great taste closest to natural and organic as possible for customer satisfaction.


Label and package design and printing. Product shape and size. Final packaging for shipping to store shelves.

How It Works..

Learn about our proven process and methodologies


First Initial Consultation

The first call and free consultation will gather the details of your product and vision. Both sides of your production need to have a clear understanding of the needs to make sure the process from start to end goes smoothly. Details such as the size and weight of your product are critical. This is especially true when it comes to boxing and shipping your product. Something as simple as a small change in the unit package and product boxing size could save thousands on your bottom line.


Formula and Labratory Testing

Review of your formula and product needs or use of one of our in-house stock formulas. We will test your product to ensure the highest quality for your customers and to insure your labels facts speak true. Through the laboratory analysis, our technicians will look for ways to improve your product and cut costs with comparable solutions. Through our network of resources, we will gather the best ingredients and seek out competitive rates.


Design and Print

Convenient dosage measurements and user-friendly features enhance the customer experience. Additionally, eye-catching and compliant packaging design boosts brand recognition, while eco-friendly choices appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. From logo and label design to shelf presentations, we will help you every step of the way.


Manufacturing to Market Ready

The product container and packaging play a vital role when producing a new liquid supplement. They help preserve the product's potency and quality, extending its shelf life. Proper packaging ensures safety and prevents contamination, safeguarding the product for consumers. Quality assurance methods and procedures are of most importance when developing your product. We will palletize, wrap, and band your shipment in the end for safety and security of your product to its final destination.

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