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About Us

Our R&D process is continuous; we are always striving to create new formulas and more efficient absorption and delivery systems of the best nutrients for your products.

We are health and nutrition industry experts, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Together, we dynamically pursue our passion and purpose to provide people with high quality, clean conscious, and results proven dietary supplements. With a combined 50 years of experience. Rapid Supplement Manufacturing specializes in comprehensive supplement solutions, offering expertise in custom formulations, efficient production, and strategic brand management.

Good Manufacturing Practice Certified

Services Overview

Turnkey Ready Solutions

Marketing man putting together graphs and charts

Design and Brand Management

Logo and Label Design. Label Printing. Brand Consulting and Marketing Management.

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Formulations and Lab Testing

Stock and Custom Formulas Available. All Tested to meet any specification .

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Production and Quality Assurance

Best Resourced Ingredients. Quality Assurance Procedures. Final Packing to Shipping and Store Ready.

Production Quality Assurance

We are advocates for the regulatory, scientific, technological, and social advancement for health and dietary supplementation and affordability for all.

Our team is at its best when it comes down to providing innovative technology for manufacturing processes, so that every aspect from ingredient sourcing, finding recyclable material all up until sale can be done in a way tailored just right for our customers and keeping our environment safe.

We acknowledge that our passion and innovation is made possible by nature. In 
turn, we are dedicated to nature and the pursuit of preservation. 

We believe in compliance, safety, and sustainability-if there is a certification to obtain, we have it. Our farmers are licensed and COAs are required on all of our products. We are early-adopters of cGMP regulations, comply by USA Standards and regulations, and are well prepared to embrace future FDA guidelines.

Brand Management

Marketing and advertising incorrectly is like winking at a girl in the dark. Nobody knows what you are doing!

Product Consulting

Rapid Supplement Manufacturing offers marketing and sales consultation as part of its comprehensive supplement solutions. By guiding clients on effective marketing strategies, the company adds value and demonstrates its commitment to their success. This service fosters stronger client loyalty and builds long-term partnerships. Furthermore, the consultation process allows Rapid Supplement Manufacturing to gain insights into client needs and target markets, enhancing their manufacturing services accordingly. This expert guidance showcases the company’s industry knowledge and dedication to a win-win partnership that benefits both parties.

What are the keys to product success?

Ingredient Sourcing

Through rigorous compliance and regulations, our licensed farmers, processors, and distributors are held to the highest manufacturing and consumer standards. 

With a family-member’s health in mind, we strive for excellence by using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. Our products are made with organic material when available or pharmaceutical grade processing so they can be safely entrusted to help take care of customers needs!

Supplier Selection and Qualification:

Identifying reputable and reliable suppliers is crucial. Thoroughly vetting potential suppliers' track record, certifications, and quality assurance processes ensures that the nutrients provided meet the highest standards.

Ingredient Purity and Authenticity:

Ensuring the purity and authenticity of the nutrients is essential for product safety and effectiveness. Performing rigorous testing and verification to confirm the ingredients' identity and absence of contaminants is a critical step.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing:

Clients and consumers increasingly value sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Conducting due diligence to ensure that nutrients are sourced responsibly, with consideration for environmental impact and fair labor practices, is essential for an ethical supply chain.

Regulatory Compliance:

Adhering to relevant regulations and quality standards is paramount. Ensuring that sourced nutrients meet regulatory requirements for safety and labeling, such as FDA regulations and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, is a crucial aspect of the sourcing process.

Elevate the Industry

We are the industry leader in clean-conscious, quality dietary supplementation products.

We put people and the planet above all else. That’s why our research is focused on finding clean manufacturing processes that are recyclable or bio-based in some way, and how it can be done more efficiently than ever before so they don’t harm either one!

We are not going to cut corners and continue improving our methods so we can provide the best ingredients with maximum results at an affordable price.

Ultimately, we believe that the work we’re doing has a higher purpose, extending beyond our industry’s business model, to respect and serve the planet and the people on it.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Impact

"Outstanding Service and Quality! Rapid Supplement Manufacturing exceeded our expectations at every step of the process. Their expert team guided us through custom formulation, and the end result was a top-notch product. From communication to on-time delivery, they proved to be a reliable and trusted partner. Highly recommended!"

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Jeff Kline Human Resource

"Reliable and Efficient Partner! Rapid Supplement Manufacturing demonstrated exceptional professionalism and efficiency throughout the entire process. Their team was responsive to our needs and delivered precisely on time. The high-quality ingredients and strict quality control make them our go-to manufacturer for all our supplement needs. A true pleasure to work with!"

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Sarah Carrington

"Trusted Experts in Formulations! We could not be happier with the results of our custom formulation with Rapid Supplement Manufacturing. Their experienced team knew exactly how to bring our vision to life while optimizing costs without compromising on quality. The end product exceeded our expectations, and our customers love it. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch supplement manufacturing!"

Headshot positive adult bearded African American male company manager worker leader boss CEO
Terrance Lagrone

Impressive Market Knowledge! What sets Rapid Supplement Manufacturing apart is their in-depth understanding of the supplement market. Their valuable insights on marketing and sales strategies helped us position our products effectively. The personalized approach and attention to detail made us feel like a valued client. With their support, our brand has achieved new heights of success.

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Ram Singh

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